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Building Restoration

We’re pleased to support an organization that helps protect historical buildings.

Heritage Toy store building
heritage buildings


The Heritage Canada Foundation keeps a close watch on how communities across Canada are preserving heritage buildings. While there are owners of heritage buildings who are restoring and putting them to good use, there are also a number of heritage buildings that are being neglected. Steve’s Masonry Service partners with the Heritage Canada Foundation and provides heritage building restoration in and around Victoria. In addition, we also help and support heritage organizations by giving advice and help groups to strengthen their arguments for preservation, sharing ideas about finding funds to restore heritage buildings as well as writing letters of support to help get buildings protected by municipal, provincial or federal laws. Get in touch to learn more.

Non-Profit Voice for Heritage Conservation

Established in 1973, the Heritage Canada Foundation is a national, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the conservation of Canada’s built heritage, historic places, and cultural landscapes. They make sure that preservation is on the agenda at all levels of government and also strengthen laws and policies that affect heritage property, including the tax treatment of buildings. The foundation is the national voice for heritage conservation and their importance in the life of our communities.

Points to Ponder

30 to 60% of our landfills are made up of rubble from construction and demolition

Rehabilitation of older buildings uses 23% less energy than new construction

Using (or reusing) materials that are salvaged, or similar to the original, will better suit your home and cost less

Vinyl cladding can prevent an older home from breathing properly

Repairing old plaster walls is easier and less costly than drywall

Wood windows (with minor maintenance) will outlive vinyl ones. It is cheaper to repair than to replace windows

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