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Let Us Build Your Dream Fireplace

Here are a few fireplace projects we have done for our clients.



Over time, the lining of your fireplace may begin to crack and crumble. If it is not maintained on a regular basis, there may be fire accidents too. Steve’s Masonry Service is the trusted name for stone and brick fireplace repair and restoration in Victoria. If you have an existing fireplace you want to restore, we’ll come and inspect your fireplace to determine its functionality and condition before we start restoring or repairing it. You can also rely on us to handle:

Flue replacement

Flue enlargement


Fireplace Construction and Restoration

Did you just move into an older home with plenty of character – and a dilapidated fireplace to go with it? Don’t get rid of it, just yet. Call Steve’s Masonry Service in Victoria to get your fireplace restored.

We have been in the industry long enough to understand your specific needs and make sure that your fireplace is safe and functional to keep your family warm. When you choose our services, you wouldn’t have to worry about expensive repairs. Contact us for a free estimate and personal consultation.

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